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Directory of Companies SET Members, which cover the Broadcasting Brazilian Market by supplying products and services.
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SET Society
founded on March 1988
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Check the benefits offered by important companies that offer preferential and differentiated access to SET members..

Student and Individual: Be a SET Member
SET Member
Receives SET Member ID Card
Receives the Publications: Revista da SET and SET News
May have access to exclusive areas at SET Site: Revista da SET - SET Events Presentations to be downloaded
Discounts on SET Events
Will be included in the Discussions List for SET members.
Possibility of integration with area professionals
Participate of Punctuation Program
Also entitled to all other stated items of SET Statute

Registration with SET - File update (including annual fee)
Annual contribution (valid from Dec 2011)
R$ 75,00
R$ 150,00

Student and Individual: Punctuation Program
Punctuation Program
1. Criteria

Extensive to SET members, individuals and students, during the period that are current with the annual contribution. In force since July 01, 2003
Current members during an Event will be entitled to the respective punctuation, even if the registration is done through a Company Member.
The punctuation is individual and non transferable. If the member remain 2 or more years away of SET (without effecting annual contributions) the punctuation will be turned to Zero.
The member will request when and in which event he (she) wish to apply the the punctuation accomplished.
In force since July 01, 2003
2. Punctuation
01 point: Registration at as participant for each day of the SET Conference.
01 point: Registration as participant of SET & Trinta Meeting
01 point: to each annual contribution

Upon reaching SEVEN (7) points, the member receives a gratuity on Registration of SET & Trinta or Annual Congress (one day)

4. Control
Done by SET Secretary
If the member whish to know the total of points granted, he (she) may request this information to SET Secretary set@set.com.br or Phone (5521) 25128747.

Company: Be a SET Member

The Company SET member:
Receive three (3) issues of Publications: Revista da SET and Jornal SET News.
Access to exclusive areas at SET site: Revista da SET.
Discounts on SET Events, extensive to all employees, registered through the company.
Entitled to 5 free registrations at SET Brazila Regions meetings
Discounts on the Sponsorships at SET events.
Discounts at Revista da SETpublicities
Entitled to a banner insert and institutional text free at SET site, at Companies Members page.
Annually, Company Foundation Date will be promoted to all SET Members.
Integrate the discussion list of SET members, through the Company representative.
Possibility of integrating Company's employees with Area Professionals.
Also on all other stated items of SET Statute

Registration with SET - File update (including annual fee)
Annual contribution (valid from Dec 2011)

Company Type


Employees Quantity

Annual Contribution
TV Broadcaster
Internet provider
Telecomm Operator
Audio Producer
TV Subscription
Video Programmer
A1 up to  49 employees R$ 1.200,00
A2 50 - 99 employees R$ 1.800,00
A3 100 - 499 employees R$ 2.400,00
A4 500 or more employees R$ 4.000,00
Products and Services Supplier (Manufactures, Representatives, Coomerce, Consulting, Sotware House, etc) B1 up to 19 employees R$ 1.200,00
B2 20 - 49 employees R$ 1.800,00
B3 50 - 99 employees R$ 2.400,00
B4 100 - 499 employees R$ 3.600,00
B5 500 or more employees R$ 4.800,00
Government Entity C1


R$ 1.200,00
Educational Institution
Scientific Institution


R$ 1.200,00
Radio Broadcaster E1


R$ 1.200,00


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