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- Wednesday | Edition 6
SET at NAB 2012
SET e Trinta Meeting 2012 – April 18 – Wednesday
Today was the last SET e Trinta Meeting of NAB 2012. The result recorded in conversations with the participants was very positive. Success of participation and quality of lectures. As always been happening, the SET has fulfilled its goal of offering services high technical and organizational level to its associated.
The proceedings today were coordinated by Nelson Faria Jr, TV Globo and SET and Paulo Kaduoka, PSK Eng and SET.
Nelson did the work opening and announced the first speakers, Nick Wurzel (Electronic Theatre Controls / Telem) and Rob Gerlach (Electronic Theatre Controls /Telem) who developed the theme "COLOR THEORY AND LED TECHNOLOGY."
In this lecture was shown how to use colors mixed in the studio and compared it to the technologies with tungsten lighting, HID, fluorescent and LED and how each one works to create colors. It was shown how to mix colors in an aditive or subtractive form and exploited the differences between RGB, RGB-A, RGB-A-W and X7 in a mixed color with LEDs. We have also seen as nuance and saturation became the unifying pattern in the control of different colors - changing fonts to achieve the desired effect in your studio.

After, Erick Soares, Sony, spoke about"OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY FOR DIGITAL COLLECTION".
Erick, in your approach, said the migration of LTO media has been occurred every 5 or 6 years on average. He said that the HDD files must be copied every 3 or 4 years to ensure their safety and LTO data tapes need to do this operation at every 6 or 7 years. So, the drama of the data recordings safety over the years continues, and in the film industry was already cogitated including the return of the film (pellicle). If it does not need to be taken into account the volume of recorded data, a good option is the optical media, because its durability is very good, reaching more than 50 years with proof in laboratory tests. With this high durability, its operating cost is much lower than others because it does not need the constant updates.
In short, the approach of the speaker from Sony about the challenges of digital files storage, front of the constant technological changes and successive investments based on IT technologies, was based on an alternative to the storage for high-capacity optical media for television stations , video producers and also film storage It was shown an overview of the new technology, its benefits, and differences front to the main technologies that exist today, as well as a vision of possibilities of complete systems for digital collection.
After the lecture by Erick (Sony), Nelson Farias presented Mr. Marconi Thomaz de Souza Maya, Mass Communication Superintendent of Anatel, who spoke about the attributions, providences and problematic to be addressed by Anatel aiming the Confederations Cup, the World Cup and the Olympic Games in Brazil. His approaching was about creating an working group to these and other major international events, obtaining as the first aim already serve the Rio +20, which occurs this year, as well the administration of the radio spectrum to attend the needs of these events and issues related to equipment certification / approval and temporary use of radio frequencies also in line with the events achievement. After began the second SET e Trinta Technology Forum of NAB2012. Under the theme "FoBTV: THE FUTURE OF TELEVISION BROADCAST" and with the moderation of the SET President Liliana Nakonechnyj (SET / TV Globo), the speakers Mark Richer (ATSC), Toru Kuroda (NHK) and Lieven Vermaele (EBU) did their presentations.
The theme was based on the declaration signed in November 2011, by leaders of the television industry in Shanghai, China, calling for global cooperation to define new requirements, uniting standards and promoting the sharing of technologies, aiming the next generation TV on air. In this panel, industry leaders from different parts of the world will give their views on how broadcast television should evolve, its main challenges and the evolving technologies which are candidates to join to the next generation.
Liliana spoke about the movement for the creation of a single television system in the world. The idea, though utopian, was brought to the table last year. The SET was present and included in this process.
With regard to signing of this document, Mark Richer, one of the instigators of the project spoke about the logistical aspects of the meeting in Shanghai and, as a curiosity, said the signing of this document occurred on 11/11/11 at 11 am 11 minutes!
The second speaker, Lieven Vermaele, EBU, said, among other things, that the digital terrestrial TV in Europe is relevant, however diverse, and explained the statement. He said that the use of 790-862 MHz (channels 61-69) for broadcasting has been lost. It was a presentation with a polemic touch.
Dr. Kuroda spoke about NHK strategies for 2, 10 and 20 years, ie, the Hibridcast (2 years), passing on UHDTV, the next 10 years, reaching the Spatial 3DTV Image which will not cause eyestrain and will happen within 20 years. He developed a little about each of these tasks. With regard to UHDTV, he spoke about the prototype of LCD TV 85-inch specifically made for this technology. About transmission technologies, highlighted some points that the next broadcasting Digital TV generation will seek to resolve or is already in the solution process. At the end of the conference, there was space for questions that were answered promptly and the draw of valuable gifts. The President Liliana ended the SET e Trinta journey 2012 thanking the speakers and all participants and already calling together all to the SET e Trinta 2013.

The Screen Service of Brazil, located in Pouso Alegre, Minas Gerais, reached the sale of number one thousand. The equipment, a digital transmitter, model Digital SDT 202 UB- 750 W was acquired by Rede Vida de Televisão. It is a historical mark of Screen Service in the country that was celebrated with the delivery of a symbolic plate dedicated to the stations general director, João Monteiro Neto, who during the honor in NABShow, was represented by Luiz Jyo. "It is a historical mark achieved through the efforts of all staff. We share this achievement with all customers and partners, particularly to the Rede Vida, our thanks for being part of this history”, emphasized Pelipe Zorzi, marketing of Screen Service of Brazil.

Sony has announced three cameras that are being released during NBA2012.
The first one is the PMW-100 XDCAM, which should be available in May this year, with a suggested price of $ 4,500. It is a handheld camera, announced as the smallest camera in the XDCAM product line.
The PMW-100 can simultaneously be a small camera and records video with MPEG HD422 broadcast quality. The intention is that it enters the space now taken by the recordings made with portable devices such as mobile phones and DSLRs. Its image sensor is a CMOS Exmor ½ 9 inches and uses a 5.4-54 mm zoom lens. It supports 1080i, 1080p and 720p video up to 50 Mbps. The recording media can be both SxS PRO memory cards high speed as well as SD cards, Memory Stick, and in an emergency, until XQD cards. The second release is the BRC-H900, a new remote camera, designed to provide high quality images. This camera is equipped with three sensors Exmor1/2 HD CMOS, providing an HD image of 1920 x 1080 pixels with 1000 TV lines (horizontal) mode HD-SDI. The promise is that this camera is also available on the market next May for $ 14,500.
The third release is, actually, composed of two cameras, the HDC-2000 and HDC-2550. Both of them were designed to expand the range of live productionsolutions offered by Sony. Both provide a much improved image quality due to the use of CCD image sensors 2/3 inch and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with a 16 bit A-D converter.

Thought Development launches the ON-AIR Pro 5.0 and sponsors the SET e Trinta for the third time.
The ON-AIR Pro 5.0, management process solution of creating promotions and vignettes of Thought Development comes with new features, such as: web access and via mobile devices, integration ease and location ease.
During NAB, several companies have had the opportunity to see this solution, now in Portuguese, fully developed to the marketing market and entertainment.
For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact Hellen Oliveira via telephone 21 8121-4049 or via email onairpro@thought-dev.com.

Rohde & Schwarz announced yesterday, April 17, during its seminar, the set up its factory in Brazil, in São Paulo State, starting the works here for about three months. The company did not reveal what town the plant will be installed.

Tomorrow, April 19, Thursday, will be the last day of NABShow 2012. Neither therefore it will not have interesting things to be seen, especially in terms of lectures. Here we indicate some free to you to enjoy the last day of the event.
In the Content Theater, from 09:30 am to 11:30 pm in the South Upper Exibit Hall you should see two hours of "The best of Project 48 hours of Film." It will be presented a selection of the best films of world cinema competition which ended recently, adding more than 19,000 teams from more than 100 cities around the world, competing. At the beginning of each competition the moviemakers take from a paper of hat where it is defined the genre, the character and line of dialogue that must occur in your film. In its 12th year, the 48HFP, as known, has become a rite of passage for the moviemaker today.
Try not let to see the session of Content Theatre from 12:00 am to 13:00 pm, where it will be going on the shows closing NABShow 2012. In this event you will die laughing and relaxing with a selection of the best YouTube videos. Will be presented comedies, specially selected by the team of programming YouTube. Be certain that you will leave Las Vegas with a large smile on your face.
From 11:40 to 12:00 you could also participate in the Post Pit "Taking home - NABShow messages projects". If you stayed disappointed with what he saw in NABShow this year, experts say they can help you! See the final session of the Post Pit where the Hollywood professionals will discuss about how they feel on trends, technology and its most interesting take-aways. The local of this presentation is the SL14805 Room of South Lower Hall. In the Central Hall, C2459 Room, from 11:10 to 11:30 pm, the Pro Audio Pit will be presenting a lecture under the theme "Monitoring Multichannel audio: make sure that what you hear is what is actually on air". Following, in the same room, another theme that is "Field Recording: effects and ambience to feed the Post Production Mix" will be presented.
With regard to Pit Radio in Central Hall, C3228 Room from 11:20 to 12:20 pm the theme will be "Discussing the broadcast industry around the world."
Enjoy it, because otherwise ... only next year!

Home Broadcast Technology Fair in Brazil

Janaina Fardim, event coordinator, awaits your visit in room N117 from 9am to 12pm, to contact companies interested in exhibiting.
Phone: +55 (21) 7893-9213
Nextel ID: 54 909 * 6
E-mail: comercial@broadcastcable.com.br
Join and meet the biggest show of the sector in Latin America!


Event Technology Broadcat the parents who hold the World Cup 2014
Daniel Calleia, Coordinator of the SET Congress, awaits his viita in room N117 from 9am to 12pm, serving interested in making the sponsorship.
ID 55 * 10 * 5767 - email: daniel@set.com.br

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